Who we are

Our website address is: https://ckpavingsupplies.co.za.

In these terms and conditions:

  1. “the Supplier “means CK PAVING SUPPLIES (PTY) LTD and
  2. “the Customer “means any purchaser of goods from the supplier

unless otherwise stated in the context.


  1. Customers to ensure that the quotation reflects the correct quantity and product as required as the supplier will not be liable for any mistakes.
  2. The supplier will have the right to rectify any bona fide error in calculation and price on the quotation and will notify the customer of such error after which the customer will have the option to proceed with the rectified price or cancel the order.
  3. All quoted prices will be valid for 14 days from the date of the quotation after which the supplier will have the right to alter the prices without giving notice to the Customer.
  4. A deposit will be required for all specially ordered goods before production will commence. Such deposit will be non-refundable if the order is cancelled by the customer.
  5. All ordered goods must be paid in full 24 hours before the scheduled delivery and Proof of such payment must be sent to the supplier. No goods will be delivered without full payment reflecting in the supplier’s bank account.
  6. Failing such, the supplier will have the right to cancel the order and suspend any further deliveries to the Customer.
  7. In any such event where goods were delivered before full payment received, ownership of the goods shall remain with the supplier and the supplier will have the right to demand the return of such goods at the expense of the customer. If the customer fails to return such goods, the supplier will have the right to enter the premises of the customer or a third party to retrieve and repossess the goods.
  8. No cash deposit or cheques will be accepted and any cash deposit fee will be for the customer’s cost.
  9. All backorders will be scheduled after full payment received and goods will be dispatched on a first come first go basis.
  10. The Supplier is not responsible for the delivery of the goods sold. The customer shall elect whether to collect the goods from the supplier or authorize the supplier to appoint a third party to attend to the delivery of the goods.
  11. In either option, CK Paving Supplies (PTY) Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage to goods during loading, transport and off-loading.
  12. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there is somebody present to accept the delivery and placement of the goods.
  13. The supplier does not accept any returns on non-defective and correctly supplied goods as per the original quotation.
  14. No guarantee or warranty is given by the supplier as to the date and time of the delivery of the goods ordered and shall not be liable for damages should any delay occur in the production and delivery of such goods.


The Customer or their representative has had the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the goods supplied to satisfy themselves that it is in good order to use for the purpose as intended and accepts that this is a naturally manufactured product and therefore may differ in size, colour and texture as explained by the supplier and cannot hold the supplier liable for slight imperfections.

CK Pavings Supplies is committed to supplying the highest end product to its customers and all care is taken to ensure that only the best and environment-friendly materials are used in the manufacturing of the pavers, cobbles and slabs.

However, as all our products is manufactured for a natural look and feel, we need to make you aware of the following details pertaining to the products.


Although every effort is made to ensure consistency, colours from different batches can vary and It is recommended when purchasing a large quantity of product, you need to mix up the product before applying it to the area you wish to cover.

Our product is manufactured using high quality imported pigment to ensure an excellent long-term appearance. As natural stone weather and fade over time so will our products.


To maintain the natural look of stone, the exact dimensions and sizes will vary slightly as well as the texture to ensure there is no repetition in the faces of the stone. The original stone was used in the manufacture of the moulds to cast the products.


White patches and markings can appear on the surface of the paving. This is a natural occurrence in coloured concrete products and is known as efflorescence. Initially, it will appear as if the colour has faded or washed out. The Supplier cannot accept responsibility for the effect of Efflorescence.

Depending on storage and weather conditions some of the products can have a dark patch resembling a sweat mark on it due to heat being created between the pavers. Differential weather, trapped water beneath the product or when the surface of the product cured at a different rate can also cause dark and light patches after the laying of the product. This generally disappears over time.


Colours may differ from photographic and printing images and the supplier cannot be held liable if the colour is not to satisfaction of the customer. It is advisable that the customer view the actual product before the final decision.

Our product range will also change from time to time and we, therefore, reserve the right to vary our designs and specifications without prejudice to the customer.


To ensure the supply of quality products, we have sourced only the best materials to use in the manufacturing process and rely on our suppliers to give us consistent colour in the sand and cement.

Unfortunately, the consistency is out of our control as quarries change from time to time.

Our product is manufactured as such that it will withstand the effects of the weather and time and age to a natural character and appearance.


Individual Products must be handled carefully to avoid damage to the surfaces and edges and should not be stored or transported flat and on top of each other. It is recommended to store on the side leaning against a wall and if stored for longer periods it must be raised off the ground to prevent moisture from the ground.

Cobbles is packed on pallets and wrapped with pallet wrap to prevent damage. When delivered to the site it is important that it be packed on a level and stable ground.


Our products are all natural and regular cleaning or maintenance will only enhance the appearance; however, the use of acidic cleaners should only be used in extreme instances.

If used indoors it is recommended to seal the product on a regular basis to maintain the desired finish.

Products used around a swimming pool must be sealed to protect against the acids from the pool water causing damage.


It is recommended that only experienced installers and contractors are used as CK Paving Supplies cannot be held responsible for any defects which may arise from incorrect installation by contractors or customers. CK Paving Supplies can provide an installation service through its affiliated company, Yzergardens Paving & Landscaping.

Care must be taken to keep the slabs and cobbles clean during the installation using a sponge and water, especially during the grouting process.

If the product was badly stained or soiled, acidic cleaners should be used sparingly to remove the grout or stains and small areas must first be tested before applying to larger areas. This process will be at the customer’s own risk and CK Paving Supplies cannot be held responsible for any damage to the product.

A sealer is recommended for lasting colour and protection. The pavers/cobbles must first be dried out sufficiently before you apply the sealer.

When sealing outdoors, the best conditions would be overcast and cool weather with no direct sunlight on the area to be sealed.

The pavers/cobbles must be thoroughly cleaned, dried out and free of dust when sealing.

The sealer is best applied with a sponge roller.